Become a confident woman

Women need special, adequate food – especially when the female hormone balance goes crazy.

Who is it for?

For all women who lost their motivation , who want to feel good and who care about their own health and that of their family. who believe in prevention and want to live their lives simply.

What we can do for you?

A Healh Coach will help you turn bad habits into good habits and will work with you to create goals and a plan for achieving them.

He does not give advice and cannot solve your patients‘ problems. What I can offer, however, is to accompany you on the path you have chosen to achieve your goals and to ensure that you do not lose sight of them.
I feel it is my calling to help my clients find the hidden potential in themselves in order to lead a fuller and happier life.


To name a few examples here where we can actively help you so that you improve sustainably:

How do you run a clean kitchen?

How do you run a household?

How do you shop online?

Cooking fresh and healthy would be great, but you lack the time for shopping and preparation?

Cooking for the family every day is more of a chore but no longer fun?

You want to lose weight, but boring, strict diet meals demotivate you?

You would like to support your health with healthy food, but simple and tasty?

How do you safely prepare simple dishes?

How do you cook with the simplest supplies (tin cans or similar) from the pantry?